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About Me

I'm Amber Tohlman, your trusted realtor and listing agent now serving the Applegate, MI area. With a rich understanding of the local real estate landscape combined with a flair for creativity, I am dedicated to helping you find a home that not only fulfills your requirements but also mirrors your unique style. My method revolves around offering personalized service—I attentively listen to your aspirations and objectives, then meticulously guide you through each phase of the purchasing or selling journey with expertise and a creative perspective. Let's bring your real estate visions to life in Applegate and beyond.

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Buyer Agent 

As a buyer's agent with a profound grasp of the Applegate, MI real estate landscape, I excel in steering clients through the complexities of finding their ideal home. My comprehensive network and deep-seated local insights enable me to assist you from start to finish in the home-buying journey. This includes pinpointing properties that align with your desires to securing the most favorable terms for your purchase. My aim is to streamline your path to homeownership, ensuring the home you select fulfills your requirements and surpasses your aspirations in the charming city of Applegate.

Seller Agent

Listing Agent

As a committed listing agent specializing in Applegate, MI, I offer a distinctive combination of expertise in the local market and tailored marketing tactics for each property sale. My strategy emphasizes enhancing your property's exposure and allure through professional staging and focused advertising, ensuring that your home not only draws in but also enchants prospective buyers. With a proven history of effective negotiations, I am dedicated to achieving the most favorable results for you, using my knowledge to meticulously guide you through the intricacies of the Applegate real estate market with diligence and attention to detail.

As a seller's agent deeply versed in the Applegate, MI, real estate market, I employ my comprehensive knowledge and expertise to ensure my clients' selling objectives are met with precision. My method is proactive, providing personalized service that encompasses thorough market analysis, expert staging recommendations, and customized marketing plans aimed at highlighting your property's finest features. I am committed to securing the most favorable terms for you, guaranteeing a smooth and successful transaction from beginning to end. With a fervent enthusiasm for the Applegate area and a dedication to superior service, I am here to navigate you through every phase of the selling process, aiming to make it as effortless and rewarding as possible.

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