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I'm Amber Tohlman, your leading realtor and listing agent in Peck, MI. My approach combines in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market with a creative flair, guaranteeing that you find a property that not only suits your requirements but also complements your personal style. I'm all about offering bespoke service; I carefully listen to your visions and ambitions, then steer you through every aspect of the buying or selling journey with professionalism and an eye for design. Let's realize your real estate dreams in Peck and beyond.

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Buyer Agent 

As a buyer's agent with profound expertise in Peck, MI, I am dedicated to mastering the complexities of the local real estate landscape to secure your dream home. With my broad network and deep-seated knowledge of the area, I provide comprehensive support throughout the buying process. From uncovering properties that align with your desires to negotiating the most favorable terms for you, my mission is to facilitate a straightforward and efficient home buying journey. I strive to ensure that you not only find a home that satisfies your requirements but also one that goes beyond your expectations in the charming community of Peck.

Seller Agent

Listing Agent

As a committed listing agent specializing in Peck, MI, I offer a distinctive combination of deep local market knowledge and personalized marketing tactics for every property sale. My method emphasizes enhancing your property's exposure and charm with professional staging and focused advertising, making sure your home not only draws in but also enthralls prospective buyers. Boasting a solid history of effective negotiations, I am devoted to achieving the most favorable results for you, applying my proficiency to skillfully maneuver through the intricacies of the Peck real estate market with attention and diligence.

As a seller's agent with an in-depth knowledge of the Peck, MI, real estate market, I am dedicated to using my comprehensive expertise to help my clients smoothly achieve their selling objectives. My personalized approach includes offering expert market analysis, professional staging recommendations, and customized marketing strategies aimed at presenting your property in the most favorable light. I am committed to negotiating the best terms on your behalf, ensuring a successful and efficient sale from beginning to end. With a strong passion for the Peck community and an unwavering commitment to excellence, I am here to support you through every step of the selling process, striving to make it as effortless and rewarding as possible.

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